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Sign Up Help

To gain access to the Circle Members Area, you need to Sign Up. Once the Sign Up process is complete, you will be able to Log In using your email address and your chosen password, i.e. the ones you entered during the Sign Up process.

Please take a look at the document below and print it off if it helps you to step through the process, - the document will hopefully address any probrems you may encounter. However, if you should hit a Sign Up problem that you cannot overcome, please contact Tony Fisher.

When you have submitted your Sign Up request, the website administrator will validate that your email address belongs to the list of members in the West Surrey Circle. If the Sign Up email address is valid then your access will be approved and you will be notified that you can then Log In.

Note that your password will be known only to you as it is stored encrypted on the website - the website administrator will not be able to see or access it. If you should forget it, then there is an automated password reset process which is accessible via the Log In page.

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